Jessie & Manny

    San Miguel de Allende
  • VENUE:
    Casa Hyder
    Solei - San Miguel
    SocialArt Cinema

Wedding at Casa Hyder, San Miguel de Allende


Written by Jessie….

We met as friends in undergrad while studying in Chicago, Illinois. I moved out to Los Angeles to teach and Manny remained in Chicago to prepare for medical school. One fateful day several years later, Manny happened to Facebook message me while I was visiting a friend in Chicago. We dated long distance for about a year and I moved back to Chicago when Manny started medical school and the rest is history. Now we’re ready got married and officially start our lives together.


Jessie and Manny’s wedding took place at Casa Hyder in San Miguel de Allende. A beautiful house. I really like the type of wedding where everything happens in one place, because it allows me to take advantage of the time and have constant interaction with the bride and groom and their guests. This interaction is vital to document a wedding.

“Many times life has something prepared for us, sometimes we look for it and sometimes it surprises us”

I remember very well a getting ready detail that I like to recommend to brides. Ask your bridesmaids to help with activities related to the wedding. For example, arrange the dress, prepare the shoes of the bride, fill the thank-you cards, review the arrangement of the tables, among many things. These activities will help capture more special moments that if they are just sitting watching the bride makeup process.

Finished the getting ready we left the house to our way to the church. Once the ceremony was completed, we return to the reception with a Callejoneada. If you get married in San Miguel de Allende you should enjoy the experience of a callejoneada, you can not miss it, your guests will enjoy it a lot. For me, having had the opportunity to take photos of Jessie and Manny’s wedding as well as her engagement session was a great experience, it allowed me to meet two people who love each other, understand each other and complement each other. Two passionate about their profession. In this wedding I had the fortune to team up with Solei San Miguel and SocialArt Cinema. Thank you J & M for allowing me to be part of this memory in your life.

Jessie’s Dad…

Whoever knows Jessie will know that throughout her life she had a blanket and in fact she gave up her blanket for him … She can be with him and not have her, I never thought that would happen.

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