Fun and surprising is how I describe Mexico City.


Gina and Daniel decided to make their engagement session in Mexico City. From the tentative places we had in mind, they chose San Ángel and Ciudad Universitaria, two traditional but outgoing and dynamic neighborhoods in the south of the city. One of the details I like the most about Mexico City is that it offers many options to take pictures, each of them with different vibes and that fits everyone’s tastes.

San Angel is one of my favorite places for photographs.

We started our session in San Ángel, where we went through its cobbled streets and took advantage of its multicolored houses. To me, color is life and happiness and that is why San Ángel is one of my favorite places to take pictures. We had a sunny afternoon and very fun. After finishing in San Ángel we went to Ciudad Universitaria which is where the national university of Mexico is located. We toured part of the rectory classrooms and nearby facilities. For G & D it was special because it reminded them of part of their school, where they met.

This was the first meeting of our adventure together. No doubt having met Gina and Daniel prior to their wedding was a great help for both. I share some photos of our session and I hope you enjoy them.