Hailey & Mau

  • Location:
    San Miguel de Allende
  • Wedding Planner:
    Solei San Miguel
  • Getting Ready:
    Casa Cariño
  • Venue:
    Instituto Allende

Getting married in San Miguel de Allende


Getting married in San Miguel de Allende is one of the best wedding experiences I can recommend. Especially if you want your guests enjoy your wedding in a different way and remember it for a long time.

San Miguel offers for your wedding and guests many options. One of the most enjoyable things about weddings in San Miguel de Allende are the callejoneadas. I have had the fortune of capturing them for both nationals and foreigners and on each occasion the faces of happiness and surprise for many of your guests are countless. Besides being special for those who have never lived this unique experience. The classic Mojigangas, the tequila, the band and the burrito are a hallmark.

Live the experience


Hailey and Mau, decided to live this experience and share it with their guests. The first time I met them was in a videoconference through Mexico-Toronto. We talked about them, about their wedding and what they wanted to achieve visually during that day. At that moment I realized how lucky we were to have found us. Both are extraordinary people and great friends.

They arrived in San Miguel de Allende a week before the wedding with a full agenda of activities. Wedding tip: they took Mexican cuisine classes, visited spas, restaurants tours, craft stores, the local market, among other places, as a result of the wonderful planning that Solei San Miguel did.

A tip


If your wedding is going to be a destination Wedding and the planning will be at the distance, I highly recommend you to hire the services of a wedding planner. This service will facilitate you locate suppliers and organize details, making this process more fluid, exciting and less stressful.

The week passed and Friday arrived, day of the callejoneada. To our surprise, the day did not look good and the threat of rain was present. The forecast was fulfilled and a storm fell. However, the attitude of Hailey and Mau was intact: neither rain would be an impediment to enjoy this planned moment for a long time! If we had to do the callejoneada raining, we would do it and that’s how it was. With rain and wind it was a success. This is one of the most memorable I remember because despite the adversity nothing stopped us. Their guests and Hailey y Mau enjoyed it too. You always have to see the positive side in these cases.

The wedding day the preparations were made at Casa Cariño an astounding  house and the reception at the Instituto Allende, a classic of weddings. For me, it was an honor to have captured the wedding of Hailey and Mau. I carry them in my heart and thank you very much for this incredible weekend.

I share the photos of Hailey and Mauricio!

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